Managing Successful Change

Innovation, continuous improvement, disruptors and mergers all require significant change across organisations.


Unless there is widespread engagement in identifying the aspirations, concerns, critical success factors and agendas of all interested parties, change is often fraught.


Integra works with management and teams to establish:


  1. Principles of ‘palatable change’ so that people’s insights, ideas and concerns are considered, and resilience is enabled;

  2. Useful stakeholder engagement frameworks that include the insights of end-users and clients, coal-face and senior management personnel, vested interest groups and partners;

  3. Strategies to embed co-design throughout the initiative to build ‘buy-in’ and flexibility;

  4. Structuring good governance practices for better decision making and risk management to comply with legislative and ethical concerns;

  5. Double feedback loops to proactively address issues as they arise; and

  6. Habits to build the team’s capacity to manage and address uncertainty.

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