Program Evaluation

Organisational & Strategic Evaluations

Integra Management Services has provided organisational and strategic evaluations across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in Queensland over the past ten years. Evaluation is a valuable tool to improve future initiatives, to celebrate and highlight worthwhile or high value for money elements, and to embed accountability.

Our team has evaluated health programs, significant break downs in key teams within larger organisations, market viability, agribusiness initiatives and social cohesion initiatives. The projects have ranged from individual companies to whole of state roll outs. 

Integra have developed a reputation for evaluation expertise in: 


  • Measuring return on investment as well as social outputs, impacts and outcomes 

  • Highlighting core organisational strengths, opportunities and areas for growth  

  • Implementing strategic recommendations with strong ‘buy in’ from all parties 

  • Resolving internal organisational conflicts or bottlenecks professionally 

  • Optimising back-end service delivery and support processes

  • Maintaining communications with stakeholders throughout the evaluation process by publishing learnings and positive actions in regular e-newsletters.


Integra Management Services have developed an Evaluation Framework Model that can be adapted to address the questions the client truly seeks to understand, while taking into account other critical considerations and influences. 

Our team of engagement specialists, qualitative and quantitative evaluation designers and analysts, graphic designers and publishers are drawn from across Australia with their own specialisations in medical research, fine arts, editing, marketing and writing. 

Please contact us about your evaluation needs:

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