Strategic Planning

Research-based strategy

Annual strategic planning requires a collaborative approach if stakeholders are to embrace future initiatives.


Using Integra’s proven process for designing strategy and goal setting, the investment is valuable in shaping an organisation's future, prioritising focus and resources and building engagement. 

The plan is developed through an efficient research phase before a facilitated planning process with key interest groups. From here a period of settling is required to determine if the focus and specifics are ‘right’. A subsequent session will synthesise the whole process into a one-page plan.

Over the next two years, this plan will be activated through a 90-day action plan, chunked down and decided at the quarterly managers’ forums. This ensures that interdependent deliverables can be managed proactively. Facilitated by Integra personnel, these regular touch points build accountability, progress and dissolve departmental silos.

"Good questions outrank easy answers"

Paul A. Samuelson

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